People Lining up for New Credit Cards Once Again

People Lining up for New Credit Cards Once AgainMost Americans can still recall the financial sting of the latest recession. When the recession was in full swing, people were cutting back on spending, applying for fewer credit cards and doing what it took to make ends meet. Now that the economy has begun somewhat of a recovery, though, it seems that people forgot... Read More »

Should you Buy or Lease your Next Vehicle?

Should you Buy or Lease your Next Vehicle?There are some debates that seemingly go on forever. One of those universal debates is whether or not it is best to buy or lease a new car. As is the case with any other choice that you make in life, there are pros and cons to both sides of this debate. The most important... Read More »

Payday Lenders Fight Back Against the Justice Department

Payday Lenders Fight Back Against the Justice DepartmentFor years now, payday lending companies have been hit with one regulation after another, and many short term credit lenders have seen their businesses impacted negatively as a result of the non-stop attack from the government and the FDIC. It seems, however, that the recent Justice Department initiative, called “Operation Choke Point” has crossed the... Read More »

Some Ways Women Can Save Money

Some Ways Women Can Save MoneyMost women love a good deal. We love to save money anywhere we can. In this economy saving money is a good thing. Here are some tips for women, to save some money in their ever day lives. The first one is to try shopping at thrift stores. Many people donate to thrift stores and... Read More »

Fundamental Financial Tips for Women

Fundamental Financial Tips for WomenFinances are important for women to not only understand, but to follow. As far as women in a family go, they often do not take a front row seat with finances. It is important for women, even if they are not the one in charge of the finances, to know what is going one with... Read More »

Payday Loans Are a Much Better Option than Overdraft Fees

Payday Loans Are a Much Better Option than Overdraft FeesNo one is proud that they have overdrawn their account.  After all there are fees that you have to pay and it all adds up.  No to mention it can be quite embarrassing.  There are, however, many people who live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes do not have the money to make it until their... Read More »

Without Payday Lenders Millions Would Have Nowhere to Turn For Help

Without Payday Lenders Millions Would Have Nowhere to Turn For HelpThere are people who when in need of some financial help have the option of turning to family or friends. There are some that have the option of going to their bank and getting the help they need. Then there are some who do not have these options. So what do they do? They are... Read More »

Big Money Mistakes

Big Money MistakesYou have probably heard over and over again what to do with your money. Do this and this and so on. Have you ever thought about it from the other side? What is the worst thing you can do with your money? Here are some mistakes that if you avoid you will be thankful you did. The first... Read More »

Tips For Getting Money Fast

Tips For Getting Money FastThere will always be times in every family‘s life when they have to deal with Unexpected emergencies. This often causes a financial crisis that calls for creative solutions. If there will be no income for the family until payday and no one to borrow from, it may be time to consider apayday loan. This is a valuable community service because they... Read More »

The Woe After The Joy

The Woe After The JoyWhen you have children, the best time of the year, hands down, is going to be the holidays. No matter what holiday you celebrate, it is the time of year filled with fun, festivities and family. With all of that said, the holidays can also be some of the most stressful times of the years for... Read More »